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Advantages of CHGD blood collection tubes Foil packing Coagulation tubes
Advantages of CHGD blood collection tubes Foil packing Coagulation tubes
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CHGD Foil packing coagulation tube
Currently the blood collection tubes have enter into the PET period, since the PET is much stable when comparing with Glass. We have almost every kind of blood collection tube made in PET material now, however, we have a problem to deal with, that’s the short shelf-time of Blue Coagulation tube.
We set out to investigate the reasons of a so short shelf-time. The report comes out that PET have a feature of moisture permeability, the additive we add into the CHGD Coagulation tube is liquid, after a period on shelf, the liquid passed through the tube, and the concentration changes at the same time. As we know, we have to keep a accurate proportion between the blood samples and the additive within the coagulation tube. Then it’s clear that we have to stop the trend of additive emission.
Experts in Gaode Medical find out that PP material adopted by other company is not stable, they turn to material expert, after a long period of testing, the Foil packing coagulation tubes in PET material appears stable after 2 years shelf-time, and this material do not have side effects, the material is manufacture cost effective.
Wenzhou Gaode Medical now want to share our technical product to global market.
Any company interested in our product could send us your information by ways hereby involved.
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